Website Redesign for MyPerfectResume – Elevating Career Success

Project Overview: MyPerfectResume has made a significant impact globally by assisting numerous individuals in crafting impactful resumes, navigating job searches, and attaining career fulfillment. Their team of experts is steadfast in providing support at every stage – from using their exclusive tools to create standout resumes and cover letters to offering valuable interview advice and…

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AutoVisor Website Design – Revolutionizing Vehicle Delivery

Project Overview: AutoVisor introduces a game-changing suite of tools that automates and streamlines vehicle delivery processes for transportation companies. This innovation enhances efficiency and effectiveness in vehicle logistics. My contribution to this endeavor involved the development of their website. Solution: I designed and built the AutoVisor website, effectively communicating the suite’s capabilities and benefits to…

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Platform development: EliteGamerz – Elevating Competitive Gaming

Project Overview: EliteGamerz emerges as a premier competitive platform, where top-tier video gamers engage in thrilling tournaments for lucrative prizes and recognition. With a mission to crown the world’s finest gamers, EliteGamerz caters to a community of dedicated players on popular platforms like PS4, XBOX1, and PC. My instrumental role in this project involved building…

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