6DGRS Website – Fostering Trustworthy Connections

Project Overview:

6DGRS is a pioneering platform dedicated to cultivating reliable connections among friends and family in a private and secure manner. The platform aims to enhance healthy relationships within the community, serving as a fundamental tool for happy couples and growing families worldwide. I spearheaded the development of their website and Android app, which included intricate features such as API integration, live chat, and advanced matchmaking algorithms.


I designed and built the 6DGRS website and Android app, skillfully integrating APIs, implementing live chat functionality, and creating sophisticated matchmaking algorithms. These features collectively contributed to the platform’s core mission of fostering meaningful and secure connections.


My contributions to 6DGRS resulted in significant outcomes, providing users with a robust platform to forge trustworthy connections within their circles. The website and Android app, equipped with advanced features, empowered individuals to connect and build healthier relationships while safeguarding their privacy.