Web App for AddressPeople – Empowering Acts of Kindness

Project Overview:

AddressPeople stands as a transformative platform that bridges the gap between individuals seeking assistance and those willing to offer help without expectation of compensation. This project involved creating a space where users could request aid and receive support through medicines, products, or other means, fostering a culture of generosity. I led the development of the platform, incorporating features like payment processing, API integration, a blog and events section, and an admin panel.


I orchestrated the design and development of AddressPeople’s platform, integrating critical functionalities such as payment processing for seamless transactions, API integration to enhance connectivity, a blog and events section for informative engagement, and an admin panel for streamlined management.


My contributions to AddressPeople yielded impactful outcomes, providing a powerful platform where individuals in need could connect with compassionate helpers. The integrated features facilitated transparent communication, efficient transactions, and a seamless administrative process.