Website design for Onomy – Empowering Adult Education with Squarespace Magic

Project Overview:

Onomy takes adult education to new heights by offering valuable, free educational content tailored to simplify your life. Curated by internet’s top content creators, Onomy’s platform empowers learners with practical insights. My role in this venture was to transform a designer’s XD vision into a functional Squarespace website, enriched with plugins to enhance user experience, including filtering functionality and other bespoke elements.


The Onomy project posed specific challenges that necessitated strategic solutions:

  1. Design Implementation: Translating the intricate XD design into a cohesive Squarespace website while ensuring seamless integration of various elements and plugins.
  2. Plugin Integration: Incorporating custom plugins to deliver filtering functionality and other enhancements, amplifying user engagement and accessibility.


My involvement in the Onomy project led to strategic solutions for these challenges:

  1. Website Development: I meticulously crafted the Squarespace website to mirror the designer’s XD vision, ensuring a visually compelling and user-friendly interface.
  2. Plugin Integration: I seamlessly integrated plugins that introduced filtering functionality and other unique elements to each page, enhancing user experience and interactivity.


My contributions to the Onomy project yielded impactful results:

  1. Visual Consistency: The Squarespace website I developed faithfully captured the designer’s XD concept, showcasing Onomy’s educational offerings in a cohesive and visually appealing manner.
  2. Enhanced User Engagement: The integration of plugins added a layer of interactivity, offering users a dynamic experience with filtering capabilities and tailored elements on every page.